Ditto Squishy Plush – 14 ½ In.

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Boasting a ton of squishy squishiness, this Ditto Squishy Plush is ready to hug!

With classic tiny eyes and Ditto’s cheerful look, this would be the only plush you need—if only it would use Transform!

This plush uses heavier, denser plush material for an added level of squishiness!


This super-squishy plush is ready for hugs!

Measures about 12 inches tall and 14 ½ inches long

Materials: All new material / polyester / polyurethane

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Their Dittos

This is the softest freaking plush I have ever laid my hands upon. It’s like an angel came down from heaven just to gift this Ditto to the world. This Ditto could bring world peace. I’m pretty sure it’s made of actual clouds.

Susan West

I love this Ditto plush a lot. It’s soft and super huggable, perfect for both a pillow and for cuddling. By far, this is the most huggable toy I’ve ever owned thanks to how squishy it is. I take it around with me everywhere now because of how comfortable it is to hold and rest on.

Sterling Hatchet

Big, squishy and huggable. It’s got a wonderful smile and it turned out to be a great gift! They love it and so do I!

Mary Adams

I figured it would have served as a cute little plush to throw on the couch. It’s turned out to be more of a pillow.
Already plenty of nights I have fell asleep on the couch and this served as a pillow.
Want a plush to cuddle up with? This one works really well!

David West

I was surprised at how squishy and big this Ditto is! I’m extremely pleased. I sleep with him every night. I want another for my couch!

Ashley Young


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